The conference:

The conference will focus on the experience of 1922 precisely through the possibilities and perspectives that opened in the Greek society and economy for a dynamic transformation.

What were the international and national policies and practices that supported this transformation? What were the reactions of the society and the refugees themselves? When, by whom and for how long are they considered ‘refugees’? What are the short-term, medium-term and long-term assessments of the ‘refugee factor’?

At the same time, the experience of 1922 will be used comparatively to open a discussion with relevant experiences from the wider south-eastern Europe and the Mediterranean basin as well as the current policies and practices implemented or proposed, and treat refugees positively as a potential research for development for the host country.

What does the concept of ‘positive example’ (success) mean in the case of a ‘refugee crisis’ (economic, social and cultural integration)? How does it help us to understand and socially integrate new categories of refugees into modern reality?